The US Charitable Trust is here to support all young people in Brent. We are working closely with local authorities, the National Youth Agency (NYA), local schools and youth organisations to make sure we are kept updated with regulations and guidance as the situation changes.

Our summer programme is aimed to help young people recover emotionally from lockdown, reconnect with their peers and prepare for the return to school. Click here for further info. 

Making sure we comply with government guidelines and keeping our students safe is a priority. We complete risk assessments for all activities: make sure our venue is covid-19 safe, include social distancing and temperature screening.

We’ve had to change the way we work, but our vision remains the same: to provide support, experiences and to help our young people be prepared for life after school.


To see the NYA guidance and alert levels for youth work in the UK, please visit:


(click here) CV19 and more general advice: link to advice page


See what we did during lockdown: US crisis activities page

Mental Health

Poverty is a significant risk factor for mental ill health. Child poverty is particularly so, with 1 in 3 mental health issues among adults directly relating to difficulty in childhood.

Early Help is Crucial

Our courses have been designed by our student led Steering Group (15+ 16-18 year olds) who identified the issues that they face every day (mental health, identity crises), the fears they face for the future (unemployment, lack of skills for further education) & what they feel they need to ‘get ahead’ (increased confidence, improved communication, specific skills/qualifications).

The young people designed our course.