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Top employers, charities and public resources tailored to your students' aspirations in-person at your school.

We work with schools to design and facilitate careers fairs tailored to the industries and resources which are most relevant to their students. Our fairs allow students to access resources from a wide range of industries, but also higher education options and apprenticeship providers as well as public resources curated in association with local government. We ensure that tangible opportunities are available to students on the day - whether that's signing up for volunteering or summer camps or applying for larger bursaries or subsidised training opportunities. Furthermore, we work to link the most in-demand employers with relevant students beyond the fair itself, facilitating follow-up workshops or trips to further students' knowledge.

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“The careers fair was a triumph. The students were so excited and felt so valued…This is going to have such an effect on the students. The short-term win is that the students know we care about them and secondly, when students know that the goal of being in school is to get a career they will enjoy,
they work so much harder.”

Oliver Elliott - Head of Sixth Form at Crest Academy, on their Careers Fair



Beezee Bodies



NHS dentistry_edited.png

NHS Dentistry

Brent works_edited.png

Brent Works


The British Army


Connec Me2

Met Police.png

The Metropolitan Police

Metroland Cultures

Middlesex University

Princes Trust_edited.png

Point Blank Music School

The Prince's Trust

Sport at the Heart

Westminster College_edited.png


Westminster College Apprenticeships

Air pilots_edited.png

Honourable Company of Air Pilots




University of the Arts London

“At Multiverse, we look to build connections with young people and present them with alternative further education routes. Through our partnerships with The US Charitable Trust, we’ve been able to connect enterprise organisations such as Microsoft to students, creating impactful career education opportunities. In true capacity building, US Charitable Trust has also opened their impactful network of partners to our work, and we’ve been able to connect with other organisations such as Unifrog. Tiff and Janet are an absolute joy to work with and we can’t wait to see how our partnership will evolve to impact even more students”

Akeem Wangeh, Outreach and Partnerships Executive at Multiverse


Interested in bringing one of our fairs to your school?

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